The group “Consumables” has more than 2,000 items that are supported on a permanent stock balance and about 1,500 items that can be delivered in a short time under the order. All products are certified according to Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 3000 products

Consumables SDS Plus and Max

Drills, spikes, chisels, crowns for concrete

Drills and crowns for wood, ceramics, glass

For drilling holes in various materials

Bimetallic crowns

For drilling holes in sheet metal up to 152mm diameter

Bits and sets

For working with all types of screws both in manual mode and for power tools

Cutting-off, grinding, abrasive wheels

For all types of work in the field of metalworking on angle grinders 115-230mm

Diamond circles

For cutting various types of building materials on angle grinder 115-230mm

Grinding discs and grinding heads

For coarse and fine sanding of various materials

Milling cutters

Milling cutters for machine tools and for hand milling cutters

Wire brushes

Metal brushes for angle grinders and with shanks


Trade house Ukrservice today is one of the largest representatives of consumables in Ukraine. We have exclusive rights to the VULKAN trademark in Ukraine and are importers of TM PFERD (consumables for metalworking). We are also dealers of many well-known brands.