Fitting and assembly tools

The group “Fitting and assembly tool” has more than 4500 items of products, which are maintained at a constant warehouse balance and about 3000 items of products that can be delivered in a short time on order. All products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 4000 products


Open, with a collar or a combination, metric and inch

Key sets

Sets of quality open-end, ring and combination wrenches

Torque wrenches

Torque wrenches for perfect control of the tightening torque of screw connections

Heads, ratchets

Quality heads, ratchets and accessories for them in any standard size

Impact heads

Impact heads of different sizes and accessories for working with them

Sets of heads and tools

Functional tool kits in convenient cases

Hammers and sledgehammers

Hammers and sledgehammers of various sizes and weights

Screwdrivers, chisels and pliers

A wide range of different shapes and sizes for the most demanding users

Dielectric tool

Insulated tool for protection when working with a connected power supply

Tool boxes and tool carts

Sets in boxes and carts with the widest filling for professional use


Today Ukrservice Trading House is an importer in Ukraine of professional tools of the Wirlpower and Mighty Seven brands, which are produced exclusively in Taiwan. The company also has its own import of high-quality locksmith tools of the VULKAN trademark. The company is an official dealer of many well-known brands.