Construction equipment

The “Construction equipment” group has more than 3500 items that are maintained on a permanent stock balance, and about 1000 items that can be delivered in a short time under the order. Material and technical base and the availability of its own professional service provides an opportunity to provide a full warranty, service and post-warranty service. All products are certified according to Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 3000 products

Drilling equipment

Equipment and technique for drilling ditches, trenches, wells

Tile and stone cutters

Equipment for cutting tiles and natural stones

Vibratory rammer equipment

Vibratory rammers, direct and reverse vibrating plates, deep vibrators, concrete compactors

Concrete processing machines

One and two-rotor grouting machines for concrete, consumables for them

Seam cutters

Equipment for cutting concrete, cutting of construction joints in floors, petrol power cutters

Ladders, scaffolding, platforms

The largest range of ladders in Ukraine, from household to professional, scaffolding, scaffolding

Vibratory rollers

Manual and self-propelled vibratory rollers, single and double drum, weighing from 150kg to 1.8t

Measuring tool

Optical and laser measuring equipment, levels, tape measures

Diamond tools and consumables

Circles, crowns, drills

Concrete mixers

For professional and domestic use, from 120 to 320 liters

Painting tool

Brushes, rollers, masking tape, etc.


Today Ukrservice Trading House is one of the largest importers of construction equipment, stairs and equipment for road surface repair and concrete processing in Ukraine.