Commissioning department

Commissioning is a key step in putting the installed equipment into safe operation. They include checking, adjusting and testing equipment in order to ensure all parameters and modes specified by the project. These works are an expert assessment of the completed installation work. Commissioning works carried out by highly qualified specialists can reveal possible irregularities during installation work, shortcomings in the operation of the equipment before its operation, and also ensure its guaranteed operation.

more than 1000 projects

ATS production

Production and installation of automatic transfer switch from 25A to 2500A


Maintenance of equipment according to the regulations of the manufacturer

Installation work

Connection of additional equipment. Installation of cable lines

Electrical audit

Measurement of load during the working cycle using special equipment

Generator rental

Rental of diesel generators with a capacity from 50kW to 500kW

Diagnostics and repair

Multidisciplinary diagnostics and qualified repair

implemented projects

Trading house Ukrservice offers services for the commissioning of equipment of any complexity. Our specialists will professionally and competently commission new equipment in the shortest possible time to achieve its maximum efficiency.

22. 12. 2018

Generator 60 kVA

Bukovel, hotel “Graal”

22. 12. 2018 р.

TWIN generator 800 kVA


18. 05. 2017

Generator TWIN 800kVA

cottage town “Zoloche”

15. 05. 2019

Generator 60 kVA


22. 06. 2018

Generator 500 kVA


22. 12. 2018

Generator 500kVA