The group “Metalworking” has more than 1000 items that are supported on a permanent stock balance and about 2000 items that can be delivered in a short time under the order. Material and technical base and the availability of its own professional service provides an opportunity to provide a full warranty, service and post-warranty service. All products are certified according to Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 2000 products

Metal drills and drill sets

A wide range of drills with cylindrical shanks, with a diameter from 1,0mm to 32mm, made of high-quality steel and sets from them

Drilling machines

High-quality line of drilling and boring-milling machines with power from 350W to 1.5kW


Industrial metalwork vise, machine vise

Grinding machines (sharpeners)

Wide range of grinding machines of various capacities


Abrasive wheels, belts, grinding heads and other abrasive materials


Large assortment of cutters for turning, milling machines and carbide inserts for cutters

Measuring tools

Calipers, micrometers, protractors, indicators, bore gauges, rulers and templates


Today Ukrservice trading house is one of the largest importers of drills for metal and sets of them, drilling and milling machines, grinding machines and locksmith vices under the VULKAN trademark in Ukraine. We are also distributors of many well-known brands.