Power tool

The “Power tool” group has more than 800 items of products, which are maintained at a constant warehouse balance and about 300 items of products that can be delivered in a short time on order. The material and technical base and the availability of our own professional service provide the opportunity to provide a full guarantee, service and post-warranty service. All products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 1000 products


Large assortment for any work


A complete range of screwdrivers as a battery or network

Power wrenches

With a torque from 100 to 1000N*m, battery and network

Rotary hammers and demolition hammers

For drilling or demolishing various surfaces

Angle grinders

A wide range of professional grinders with a disk diameter of 115 to 230 mm

Jigsaws and reciprocating saws

For trimming wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Circular saws

Electricity and batteries, disk diameter from 165 to 250mm

Trimming saws

With disc diameters from 216 to 315mm, with and without broaching

Grinding machines

Vibrating, eccentric and tape

Wall chasers, concrete grinders

For forming a groove with sizes from 30 to 115 mm

Woodworking machines

Circular, bandsaw, milling, thicknessing or combined


Trading house “Ukrservice” today is one of the largest representatives of hand-held power tools in Ukraine. We are official dealers of many famous brands.