Pneumatic equipment

Group “Pneumatic equipment” has more than 1500 items of products, which are maintained at a constant warehouse balance and about 1000 items of products that can be delivered in a short time on order. The material and technical base and the availability of our own professional service provide the opportunity to provide a full guarantee, service and post-warranty service. All products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 2000 products

Coaxial compressors

Direct drive piston compressors for home use

Belt compressors

Reciprocating high performance belt compressors

Screw compressors

Screw compressors for industrial use

Dehumidifiers, air preparation units

Air preparation systems for working with pneumatic tools and equipment

Pneumatic tool

Powerful and reliable tool for professional and home use

Pneumatic spray guns

Spray guns for painting both professional and domestic conditions

Fittings, hoses, clamps

Accessories for connecting and building pneumatic lines of any complexity


Today Ukrservice Trading House is one of the largest importers of reciprocating compressors, pneumatic tools for solving any problems and consumables in Ukraine. We have exclusive import rights for well-known brands such as MIGHTY SEVEN (pneumatic tools and accessories) and VULKAN (compressors).