Climate and pumps

The “Climate and pumps” group has more than 1500 items of products, which are maintained on a constant stock balance and about 2000 items of products that can be delivered in a short time on order. All products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 3000 products

Heating boilers

Gas, electric, solid fuel

Heating equipment

Convectors, heat guns, fan heaters, oil and steel radiators, diesel-gas heaters

Water heaters

Gas, electric, flow-through, storage

Pump equipment

Pumping stations, surface, submersible, circulation, drainage fecal pumps


Internal and external systems

Plumbing tools and equipment

Tools, equipment for maintenance and repair of plumbing systems

Pipes and fittings

Reinforced plastic, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.

Containers for liquids

Eurocubes, barrels, cans, containers for transporting liquids, with a volume of 10 to 20,000 liters and various shapes


Trading house Ukrservice supports the range of climatic equipment, pumping equipment and related related materials. We have exclusive rights to the VULKAN trademark in Ukraine. We are also dealers of many well-known brands.