Car service equipment

The group “Car service equipment” has more than 2000 items of products, which are maintained at a constant warehouse balance and about 1000 items of products that can be delivered in a short time on order. The material and technical base and the availability of our own professional service, which is also accredited by TM Karcher as a partner one, makes it possible to provide a full guarantee, service and post-warranty service. All products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards.

more than 2000 products

Household washers

For use in households

Professional pressure washers

With water heating and without it for professional use

Accessories for high pressure washers

A wide range of accessories for high-pressure washers of household and professional class

Floor washing machines

Professional and household floor washing machines from leading manufacturers and accessories to them

Vacuum cleaners

Professional and household, for dry and wet cleaning of premises


For the needs of any segment of equipment – from a motorcycle to a combine


Hydraulic and mechanical, different tonnage and lifting heights

Tire changers and balancing machines, diagnostic equipment

For professional car service at service stations and fault diagnosis


Today Ukrservice trading house is the official importer of professional high-pressure washers and cleaning equipment of the Italian brand IDROBASE to Ukraine. The company also has its own import of high-performance high-pressure washers with gasoline engines of the VULKAN trademark and VULKAN starters and chargers. The company is the official dealer of TM Karcher.